We specialise in waxing and have over 28 years of experience in the industry.

We are fully trained with AXIOM, one of the UK’s only accredited trainers in male intimate waxing.

We offer male grooming treatments and waxing only. If you are having any type of intimate waxing you will be required to remove ALL clothing from the waist down for a perfect wax. Please do not make a complete fool of yourself by asking for ‘extra’s’. We are fully qualified waxing therapists and we remove hair only. ANY inappropriate behaviour will NOT be tolerated, and if at any time the therapist feels uncomfortable you will be asked to leave and you WILL be reported to the police.

On your first visit to The Mens Grooming Room you will be asked to fill in a medical questionnaire during your consultation. This is to ensure suitability for the waxing treatment. We ask you to be completely honest when filling this out as some medical issues can affect the treatment.

Please ensure you are nice and clean and have a shower before coming in to see us.

We smell nice and we also expect you to do so too.


New clients will be requested to pay 50% of the treatment cost prior to their first visit. This will be non refundable if the appointment is then cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or a no show.


We do not answer with-held numbers. If it is difficult to talk because you are at work for example, send us a voicemail or text message and we will respond as soon as we can.
24 hrs notice is required for cancellations otherwise a fee of 50% of the treatment cost will be charged.


Proprietor: Ellie Sharp.



Upper Body

Nostril £10
Eyebrows - £10
Chest - £25
Stomach - £25
Chest & stomach - £48
Full back - £35
Full back including upper arms £45
Neck - £10
Shoulders - £15
Upper back & shoulders - £20
Lower back - £20
Upper arms (inc elbow) - £15
Forearm (inc elbows & hands) - £20
Full arm (inc shoulders & hands) - £30
Hands & fingers - £10
Underarm - £10

Lower Body

Full legs & speedo (inc feet) - £45
Lower leg (inc knee’s & feet) - £25
Upper legs (inc knee’s) - £30
Feet & toes - £10


Buttocks - £25
Crack - £25
Buttocks (inc crack) - £35
Sac - £35
Speedo line - £15

The Bemuda Triangle - £25
(Pubic triangle removed)

The Baseball wax - bat, ball & dugout - £65
(Penis, sac & crack)

The Tropicana - banana & coconut smoothie - £50
(Penis & sac)

The Aussie Outback - everything off from down under - £70
(Triangle, penis, sac, crack & buttocks)


Want a neat and tidy look but are too chicken for a wax… then maybe this is the answer for you.
We can trim and edge you to perfection.

Chest - £10
Back & shoulders - £10
Full arms - £10
Full legs - £15


Why do men get waxed?

For lots of reasons , hygiene being the main one. Sportsmen find it more comfortable having a smooth, hair free body. Strippers, body builders and models would say for appearance sake and some people just don’t like hair in certain places... simple.

How long does the hair need to be?

About 1⁄2 inch long, Too long can make for a painful wax and any shorter than this doesn’t allow the wax to grab onto the hairs.

How Long will I be smooth and hair free?

Generally you will be hair free for a couple of weeks and then you will notice some re-growth, although this varies from person to person. In the warm summer months hair tends to grow quicker. (a bit like grass or weeds) With regular waxing treatments most people see slower, sparser, finer re-growth.

How often should I be waxed?

This is entirely your choice. Some clients have a wax just before going on a holiday, others like to maintain a hair free body all year round. We would recommend a treatment every 4 – 6 weeks depending on your hair growth.

Is it painful?

Guys….. Was it not a man who said ‘no pain no gain’.. ??? Seriously…..everyones pain threshold is different, so if you are worried pop a couple of painkillers 45 minutes before your appointment. PLEASE NOTE... General anaesthetics are currently not available for waxing. Sorry.

What will my skin look like afterwards?

Usually there is some redness and the ‘plucked turkey’ look is quite common (and completely normal.) This should last no longer than a few hours. We have after wax products for you to purchase for home use to help the healing process.


Aftercare advice:

For the next 24hrs after a wax avoid;
Hot baths & showers
Sauna’s, hot tubs & steam rooms
Sunbathing, sunbeds & fake tans
Gym work & exercise
Swimming pools (chlorine can irritate)
Tight clothing
Deodorant, body sprays, lotions
Sexual activity (intimate waxing only)

Remember to:

Apply after wax lotion (using clean hands) to the waxed area once a day for the first couple of days, this will reduce redness and helps with the healing process. From day 4 exfoliate 3 times a week using either a salt scrub or exfoliating mitts to prevent ingrown hairs.

Redness, bumpy skin and soreness are all completely normal skin reactions so don’t worry, if the aftercare advice is followed your skin will return to normal very quickly. If however you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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